1)NURSARY CLASS - Age 3rd to 4th year children are to be enrolled at Nursery Class. 2)LOWER/JUNIOR K.G. CLASS - Age 4th to 5th year children are to be enrolled at this class. 3)UPPER/SENIOR K.G.CLASS - Age 5th to 6th year Children are to be enrolled at this class. School makes Learning with Fun using tools like smart TV, Laptop, Mike Speakers, etc.


1) 1ST CLASS - Age 6th completed children are enrolled at this class who have completed Pre-Primary education. Teacher checks General pre knowledge of children at the time enrolling at Class 1st. 2) CLASS 2nd to CLASS 8th - MPS school having main objective that children should have specific knowledge of society and knowledge of Class wise subjects, best of best skill of reading, writing, speaking of English, Hindi, Marathi languages and along with academics children acquire skills of sports, arts, dance, crafts, drawing, science projects, essays, national days and other social festivals, etc.

CLASS 9th to 12th

Here at these classes children are enrolled who parent are transfered from other cities and also those which parents are shifted at nearby area of our school. At this school in Ahmednagar Teachers taught to children to do serious study of the Text Books with understanding of subject, more writing habits increased, and hear more focus has been given practical approach in teaching and while studying at these classes. Separate Expert Teachers for separate subjects are to be assigned to Class 10th and class 11th, 12th Science branch & also for Commerce Branch.

Maharashtra Public School & Junior College is a English Medium School in Ahmednagar. Its a only Public School in Ahmednagar which is Located at heart of the city, being a child’s first experience in the formal educational system, can be an anxious time for both children and parents. Which is why we have taken special care to create a warm, welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, in which children feel secure and happy. An environment that makes them want to come to school every morning. 

Our Junior College 11th and 12th introduces children to the excitement and challenges of independent learning. We try to involve and stimulate all the nine intelligences. So each concept is taught using audio-visual aids as well as story telling and enacting, to make it more exciting. At the primary level, children are still ‘learning to read’ and from Standard 4 onwards, they start ‘reading to learn topics & subjects. Only school in Ahmednagar started Teaching Extra Vocational Subject “Mechatronics” to class 5th to 9th as a trial of new education policy.

This School in Ahmednagar Enrolls Children at 11th and 12th Standards which have passed 10th/SSC Class and School also enroll children directly in these Classes who passed SSC from other school. School having 11th & 12th Arts Commerce & Science faculties and Separate subject-wise teachers available.